Blueprint for Global Legal Education

St.-Petersburg Blueprint for Global Legal Education

Dear colleague,


It is a great pleasure to invite you to collaborate in the Project “Blueprint for Global Legal Education” conducted by the International Bar Association (IBA, and the Law Schools Global League (LSGL, The main purpose of the project is to develop a blueprint that identifies the new challenges, trends and opportunities for legal education in law schools globally, and for this, the attached survey has been distributed among law schools, Bar Associations and other legal institutions over the world in order to help us to understand the main trends and challenges for current legal education.


We kindly ask you to fill out this survey which will not take longer than ten minutes and will be extremely helpful to the project. It is anonymous, so please do not include your law school´s/bar association´s/legal institution´s name nor any data that let us identify you and your institution. Please click here to access the survey:


Thank you very much for your cooperation.



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From IE University (IE) in cooperation with the Law Schools Global League ( we want to invite you to assist us in our investigation tasks by participating in a survey. The survey is framed within the Research Project conducted by the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) The Blueprint for Global Legal Education with the objective of developing a “blueprint” identifying trends, challenges and opportunities for law schools globally. The data you may provide us by participating in the survey will be completely anonymous. We will make sure that we do not process data that may identify you, either by itself or in combination with additional information. This participation is voluntary, you may withdraw your consent at any time or for any reason. To withdraw from the electronic survey before sending the answers, you only have to click on “exit” in the upper part of the application. Any question about the questionnaire can be directed to or In case you wish to receive a copy of the Study please let us know through