Winter Academic Conference 2021

Winter Academic Conference 2021

Start February 8, 2021
End February 8, 2021

Law Schools Global League’s Winter Academic Conference 2021

“Sustainable Globalisation – How to ensure sustainability in a globalised world”

8 February 2021
Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University
The Netherlands



In their article “Sustainable Globalisation” (2003), Borghesi and Vercelli posited that the then
prevalent process of globalisation would be unsustainable without new institutions and policies
to govern it.1 In answering the question whether globalisation had become more sustainable,
Martens and Raza (2010) concluded that “the increasing complexity of our global society means
that sustainable development cannot be addressed from a single perspective, country or
scientific discipline.”2 By then, the World Bank had set the pursuit of “an inclusive and
sustainable globalisation” at the top of its agenda (Zoellick, 2007), noting the need for strong
global institutions. A decade later, claims have been raised that “[h]yperglobalization in trade
and finance, intended to create seamlessly integrated world markets, [has torn] domestic
societies apart” (Rodrik, 2016).3

Times of crisis lend themselves well for reflecting on the state of things that enabled, or at least
were not capable of preventing, the crises that emerged. Presently, it can hardly be denied that
humankind finds itself in the midst of a global health crisis as a result of the COVID-19 virus.
Similarly, some argue that climate change has brought us to an imminent or present global
climate crisis. Globalisation is often, rightfully or wrongfully, mentioned as a contributing
factor. Undeniably, globalisation has resulted in increased growth and prosperity worldwide,
whether it is measured in terms of income, literacy rates, and reductions in child mortality. That
being said, the question whether and how globalisation can be made “more sustainable” is ever
so relevant.

Against that background, the LSGL “Sustainable Globalisation” Conference invites papers that
address the question what role the law (and related disciplinary fields) may actually and
potentially play in strengthening sustainable globalisation. With this question, the organizers
intend to host a topical discussion for Junior and Senior Researchers working on Sustainability
and related issues at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Law Schools Global League.
The organizers specifically welcome horizontal contributions that reflect on the question and
which seek to transcend specific branches of the law, such as trade law, environmental law,
business and human rights (BHR), the regulation of technology and the law of international
organizations. Whereas these themes may certainly be the focal point of individual papers, the
organizers welcome contributions that reflect on the concept of “sustainable globalisation” in a
more general manner.

A non-exhaustive list of topics that may be addressed includes:

– Is globalisation redeemable, can it be changed, and if so how?
– Can globalisation be reconciled with the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”)?
– How should “sustainability” be seen in relation to globalisation?
– What is the role of private actors (business and civil society alike) in enabling sustainable
– Do global developments in the past five years reflect a desire among global citizens to be
capable of governing at a decentralized level, without the constraints of international rules?
– How do technologies and sustainable globalisation interact?
– What role does “law” (in a broad sense) play in curtailing the negative aspects externalities? of
globalisation, whilst seeking to maintain international cooperation?
– Can international environmental law contribute to keeping globalisation “sustainable”?


Paper proposals of 300 to 500 words should be submitted no later than 1 November 2020.
We encourage applicants to attach a brief CV to the proposal.
• Decisions will be announced by 1 December 2020.
• Papers should be ready for circulation to all participants no later than 26 January 2021.
• Proposals for papers will be reviewed by LSGL presidents and the Academic

Committee of the conference.

Please send inquiries and paper proposals to

Online conference:

The conference will be organized as an online event in a digital conference environment. The
European LSGL partners will nonetheless be welcome to participate in the conference on
campus at Tilburg University, if the situation and applicable guidelines allow this.

For thosewho come to Tilburg, some additional (social) activities will be organized.


The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday 9 February 2021 and will be organized as a separate
meeting. The Deans will receive further details about this meeting in due time.