Administrative Group Meeting

About Administrative Group

LSGL Administrative Group includes professional services staff working in the LSGL member institutions to facilitate the administrative work, advance and promote the professional recognition and development of the League. The group gathers every year at the host institution in parallel with LSGL Academic Conference and discuss their annual work plan.

The objectives of the group;

  • Maintain organizational intelligence and unity within the League
  • Strengthen the links between the members’ staff and faculty
  • Help the League’s annual organizations
  • Establish a discussion forum to deal with all kinds of internal and external matters and exchange of ideas.
  • Determine and solve missing items or problems experienced in previous years’ events
  • Take part and encourage staff mobility within member schools throughout the year to broaden relationships and foster professional know-how for the League
  • Report all works and outcomes to the Presidency

Administrative Meetings

Administrative Group Members

Esra Özcan
MSc Educational Leadership
Esra Özcan (MSc Educational Leadership) is executive director committed to smooth operation and realization of all organizational and developmental issues at Koç University Law School. In her role, she contributes to internationalization strategy of the Law School to enhance its global presence by planning international academic activities and LLM and PhD programs. She also works on joint programs and conferences. She received outstanding service award delivered by President in 2015. Esra has been involved in the LSGL organization management since 2013 and has taken actively part in the events planning and coordination of the LSGL work progress. She has also been running the League’s administrative tasks as Presidency office representative. She has studied education in Leicester UK, Istanbul Turkey and Madrid, Spain and speaks Turkish, English and Spanish.
Christina Castilho
International Affairs Office at FGV DIREITO SP
Christina Castilho (BA Social Communications) works at the International Affairs Office at FGV DIREITO SP. In this role, she works directly with the Associate Dean of International Affairs, regarding the International Agreements of DIREITO SP, also Coordinate the Incoming and Outgoing exchange Students, and responsible for the whole process of Visiting Professors at DIREITO SP. During the time that DIREITO SP was responsible for the LSGL Presidency, Christina was also supporting the Presidency of the League, in the Administrative area, assisting the Host Universities and contact with the other members.
Ravit Kaul Cohen
Project Manager at the Interdisciplinary Center
Ravit Kaul Cohen is a Project Manager at the Interdisciplinary Center, Israel.
Yong LYU
Deputy Director of International Office of China University
Yong LYU is Deputy Director of International Office of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL).
Ileana Jinich
Associate Director of the International Office
Ileana Jinich coordinates ITAM’s international initiatives as the Associate Director of the International Office.
Irèna Wasserfall
Non-practising attorney
Non-practising attorney who manages UCT Law@work in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town.
Isabel Garcés
International Activities Coordinator of IE Law School
Isabel Garcés International Activities Coordinator of IE Law School. She Is also coordinator of the PEREZ LLORCA / IE Chair for Commercial Law and Center for European Studies of IE University.
Janet A. Garesché
Director of Executive LLM
Janet Garescheé Director of Executive LLM and Tax Programs provides senior-level administrative.