Legal Tech Venture Days

Legal Tech Venture Days

With the goal of promoting positive uses of technology in the legal realm, the Law Schools Global League is partnering with ONTIER to launch the first ever Global Legal Tech Venture Days, a cutting-edge, highly competitive program designed to support the identification and development of start-ups that are developing tech-based solutions to help actors in the legal arena.

In the coming months, we will identify around 10 start-ups based on their originality, financial viability, and ability to have a positive impact on major challenges faced by legal systems, including improving the generation, application and enforcement of laws and regulations, facilitating access to legal systems of the underserved, and in general improving substantially the normal operation of legal systems, with a particular focus on the common good.

Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a selected audience in three regions in which law schools of the LSGL are based: Singapore, Mexico and United States.

In addition, the winners of the regional competitions shall be invited to participate at the final Venture Day in Madrid, which will take place at IE Law School in the month of July of 2018. They shall present their projects to a mix of investors, government officials, business pioneers, and representatives of key industries. They will also have the chance to meet world-leading experts in their field and receive advice, insights and best practices.

The value proposition for start-ups is the possibility to get plugged into real networking and investment opportunities that can push their projects to the next level. They will benefit from the global network of the LSGL and from that of each member law school.

Call for Applications Deadline March 25th

What are we looking for

We are interested in supporting inclusive innovators and start-ups that are using technology to solve important legal challenges faced by governments, public institutions and civil society in a wide range of areas and scales. We are particularly interested in projects that innovatively tackle challenges in the following spaces:

  • Law making processes
  • Implementation of laws
  • Enforcement of and compliance with laws and regulations
  • Operations and processes of legal system stakeholders (judiciary, administration, law societies, etc)
  • Particular verticals (environment, energy, health, etc)


Selection criteria

  1. Innovativation: product/service, business model, and/or route to market
  2. Scalability: international commercial potential & scalable business model
  3. Team: relevant skills & experience mix
  4. Market: clear & large market opportunity
  5. Status: must have full time dedicated team and product/service in the market with early traction (customers and/or users)

If your startup meets these criteria, just give a click below !