LSGL Research Seed Fund

LSGL offers a seed fund to stimulate original and collaborative research on global law within the LSGL consortium. The focus of this fund is research into the impact of globalisation, global challenges and global societal changes on law; research projects supported by this fund transcend the borders of a single legal system and are of a transnational or global nature. The funding is offered on a competitive basis to teams of scholars drawn from three or more LSGL partners. The current deadline for applications is 31 March 2018. More information on how to apply for support from the Research Seed Fund is available via the call.

Call for Applications

Deadline: 31 May 2018

Law Schools Global League is offering a seed fund to support original and collaborative research on global law, in particular the impact of globalisation, global challenges and societal changes on law. The proposed research project should transcend the borders of a single legal system and be of a transnational or global nature.

A maximum of €10.000 is available. Applications do not need to apply for the whole budget.

Application Criteria

1. The idea is to stimulate colleagues to initiate contact and cooperate with League colleagues who work on similar research topics who have not yet been had any connection with the

League. Applications should be new.

2. Scholars from at least three League partners are involved in and committed to the application. Their commitment must be formally given in the application. There are no

limits on the participation of non-League scholars.

3. All types of research activities are eligible. While the research project may have a teaching element or impact to it, the application should be primarily focused on cutting edge, multi-
disciplinary research.

4. Applications should include a research project proposal of no more than 5,000 words that


  • The subject goals and research questions
  • The innovative character of the research, either in relation to content or methodology;
  • The proposed plan of co-operation and outcomes;
  • The proposed form of co-operation and formal commitment on the part of the participating scholars and their institutions;
  • A publication and/or societal impact plan
  • A timeline
  • A budget with an accompanying explanation of anticipated costs

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the innovativeness and quality of the proposal; and the application criteria will be strictly applied.


The deadline for applications is 31 May 2018. Proposals will be judged by a committee comprised of members of five League partners. The winning proposal will be announced by 15 June 2018.

Applications should be sent to LSGL Presidency Office via

A representative member of the winning consortium is expected to present the ideas and goals of the research project at the LSGL Annual Meeting to be held at IE Law School, Madrid on 24/25/26 July 2018.