Compliance and Anti Corruption Research Group at LSGL

Corporate legal conduct in general and the role of corporations in combating corruption in particular have received increasing attention by legal scholars and legal practitioners. Changes in the legal systems, new regulation and strict enforcement create ongoing challenges. Despite of sanctions against corporations mainly being enforced by individual states global trends and transnational principles become more and more visible. The objective of the Compliance and Anti-Corruption Research Group at the Law Schools’ Global League is to create a think tank for legal scholars with different background and specialization who are interested in the relevant areas surrounding compliance and anti-corruption. The group conducts international and interdisciplinary surveys and research projects. It acts as an expert on various levels and provides training in legal compliance.

Group Publications

Anti-Corruption Group Paper 2014 Istanbul

Anti-Corruption Group Paper Brazil 2015

Anti-Corruption Group Paper Italy 2016

Anti-Corruption Group Paper Germany 2016

Anti-Corruption Group Paper Brazil 2016

LSGL Anticorruption Survey

Group Members

Maria Lúcia Labate Mantovanini Pádua Lima
Professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas
Professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas — SP and Coordinator of International Affairs at São Paulo Law School