fgv Visiting Professor Program

Global Law Program at FGV DIREITO SP

São Paulo School of Law of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV DIREITO SP) believes in an enabling system of preparation of new bachelors of law, which is different from the systems traditionally observed in other Brazilian law schools, public or private.
To form this new kind of law professional, the project envisioned by FGV DIREITO SP had to be, by definition, innovative and global. As a result, more than restructuring the current law teaching system, FGV DIREITO SP also seeks to consolidate itself as a new alternative to the traditional curriculum.
For this reason, FGV DIREITO SP has created the Global Law Program, which is taught in English in order to stimulate our exchange student agreements. This program not only attracts a larger number of foreign students and professors, but also increases our globalized experience.
Within the Global Law Program, FGV DIREITO SP offers a series of short-term courses for foreign and Brazilian students regarding contemporary legal topics taught by foreign professors from the most prestigious law schools.
FGV DIREITO SP’s Visiting Professor Program is based on short-term courses without any fixed standard; where the visiting professor has complete freedom on how he will conduct the class.
The course is one week (15 hours/3 hours per day) long and happens from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm. Additionally, we require the visiting professors to stay 05 extra hours during the week in order to develop other activities besides the course. We have an office reserved for the visiting professor with a phone line and a computer with internet access.
In the end of the course we ask the professors to do an evaluation with the students based on the course. The evaluation can be an exam on the last day of the course or an essay or paper to be delivered by the students after the completion of the course.


As part of FGV DIREITO SP vision, we are always looking for new short term courses taught by professors from our partner Law Schools to offer to our students.
If any of your professors are interested in teaching a short term course in the FGV DIREITO SP’s Visiting Professor Program, please ask him/her to submit a short summary of the course, the objectives and methodology.
The course proposal will be analyzed by the FGV DIREITO SP Board and, once approved, the professor will be informed. After receipt of the notice, the professor has to prepare the course syllabus.


The Course Syllabus should include the following information:
1. Résumé of the professor including previous education/professional experience
2. Course description and objectives
3. Methodology
4. Evaluation Criteria and System
5. List of Required Course Materials
6. Recommended Readings


All professors will also be contacted by the International Affairs Office requesting any course materials that will be needed during the course. Any material the professor wishes to hand out to the students should first be sent to the International Affairs Office – cri.direitosp@fgv.br.


The courses will happen during the Academic year 2019, in the following period:
Spring Semester 2019 – First week of March to end of May
Fall Semester 2019 – First week of August to beginning of November


FGV DIREITO SP will be responsible for the following items during your stay here.

  • Airline ticket (from your home town to and from São Paulo) – Economy Class;
    We ask the visiting professor to send us the date, time and closest city so we can try to accommodate your request. Once the flight is booked we won’t be able to make any changes to it.
  • Hotel Accommodation (from a list that will be sent to the professor to choose)
    7 nights of accommodation. We ask the visiting professor to choose 3 options of Hotels. Therefore, we can have options in case the hotel chosen is fully booked.
  • Meals (breakfast and lunch)
    The meals (lunch) will be covered by FGV DIREITO SP, only if done at FGV DIREITO SP. Meals done outside of FGV DIREITO SP won’t be covered by FGV DIREITO SP.
  • Remuneration
    FGV DIREITO SP will pay you the amount of US$ 2.000,00 for the visiting professor’s stay at FGV DIREITO SP (05 days-20 hours). Once the visiting professor arrives we will provide him/her with a contract that establishes the payment for his/her stay here at FGV DIREITO SP. That amount will be deposited into the bank account provided by the visiting professor up to 3 weeks after the end of his/her course.
  • Course Scheduling
    Course will happen Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm.


We will require a visa only to the citizens of countries which are mandatory to have a visa to enter the country. If you are not from one of those countries do not worry about that.
For the citizens of countries who require a visa to enter in Brazil, we need them to have a Business visa (called VITEM I or VITEM II), an invitation letter will be issued so you can present it in the consulate. Once you receive your visa please send a copy to cri.direitosp@fgv.br.

Items not reimbursable by FGV DIREITO SP:

  •  Meals outside FGV DIREITO SP;
  •  Room service;
  •  Taxi (to and from the airport; hotel/FGV Direito SP/Hotel);
  •  Mileage to and from the airport;
  •  Parking at the airport;
  •  Airline ticket Upgrade;
  •  Visa fees.

We really appreciate receiving visiting professors at FGV DIREITO SP. For this reason, we would like to ensure a gratifying and enjoyable experience for them. Visiting professors are always welcome to contact us in case they need further information.