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11th Summer School (17-28 July 2023)

11th Law Schools Global League Summer School in Sustainability and Technology at King’s College London

Registration for the 11th Law Schools Global League (LSGL) Summer School is now open. The attached brochure contains course information, application instructions, and travel/visa guidance. The brochure can be forwarded to eligible students at your home institution and you may run your own process to select and nominate students.

There is classroom capacity for 50 students overall. Each university has one guaranteed space and we will allocate the extra spaces fairly among universities who wish to send more than one student. We understand not every university will send students – please reply by email to if you do not plan to send any students. Per LSGL guidelines, every member will be invoiced for one space (€1000/£880) even if they do not send a student to the summer school.

When you have selected your students, please nominate them via this form. Please nominate the students in the order in which you’d like them selected. The nomination form should only be used by the university and should not be shared with/used by the students. Once they have been nominated, students can then apply by using the form linked on Page 9 of the brochure.

Please pay close attention to the housing information on Page 11. Rooms in King’s student housing are limited and we can only guarantee rooms for 33 students (one per member institution). You should identify one student for student housing when completing the nomination form. We will run a waiting list for housing additional students but they are likely to need to make their own housing arrangements.

Please nominate your students and ensure they apply by 15 May 2023.

Please email with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming your students to London this summer.