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On 18 March 2022, the Law Schools Global League voted to suspend the membership of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Law (HSE). The statement of the Russian Union of Rectors dated 4 March 2022 firmly aligned HSE and other signatory universities with President Putin’s actions towards Ukraine. The League decision excludes HSE from participating as an institution in any League events while the suspension is effective. The suspension will be reviewed at future Deans’ meetings.

How to become a member

The LSGL mission as defined in its constitution is to promote legal education and scholarly research in relation to the globalization of law through a variety of ways.

To achieve its mission and in decisions of the Assembly, the LSGL wants to remain a relatively small institution composed of leading global law schools from all the regions of the world.

Accordingly, the main strategic focus for the next few years is to ensure a balanced representation globally while making sure that no region achieves a disproportionate share of its membership. Achieving a balanced representation requires attaching priority to the inclusión of schools from the following regions.

Membership, which takes place by invitation, is periodically evaluated against a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria.

The first and most important requirement has to do with the level of globalization achieved by potential new members law school. To gauge such level, the League will perform its own research, on the basis of a questionnaire developed by itself that collects information on the global dimensions of law schools by examining criteria such as the portfolio composition, faculty composition, research output, and global impact.

In light of that analysis, the LSGL may approach the candidate whenever necessary to ask for more detailed information on the relevant variables.

The second requirement is a proven capacity to engage with the work of the LSGL so as to promote the achievement of its vision and mision. This will be assessed once the LSGL has conducted the assessment regarding the first requirement.

The LSGL is conscious that the criteria provided above must be interpreted with utmost care, and a decision shall never be adopted exclusively in the light of them, as data are never complete and fully reliable, in particular in areas such as legal teaching and research, where many dimensions of global impact cannot be measured simply with objective data. Therefore the LSGL will conduct and in-depth evaluation before formally inviting a candidate to join.