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Tilburg University

Tilburg Law School

Six decades of legal excellence and a commitment to social justice

Tilburg Law School, part of Tilburg University in the Netherlands, has carved a distinct identity over the past six decades. As the school is 60 years young, it’s a pioneering center of academic excellence.

Ranked 18th worldwide by Times Higher Education (2024), the school is recognized as a leading international law school with a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Tilburg Law School is proud of its many accomplishments, including its high rankings in international and national law school rankings, its innovative education, and its commitment to social justice.

International standing

Tilburg Law School has earned a prominent place on the global map. This is evident from many collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide, and an active membership of Law Schools Global League

Over 40% of the 4000 students are international. The school’s staff (500+) includes renowned scholars from all over the world.

This diversity enriches the academic dialogue, fostering a global perspective and intercultural understanding in the pleasant atmosphere of a vibrant and beautiful green campus.

Fields of research and education

Tilburg Law School engages in research and education of

· Law, Technology & Society

· Private Business and Labour Law

· Criminal Law

· Public Law & Governance

· Tax Law

· Data Science


Vision – Broad prosperity & Stronger Together –

Broad prosperity

Tilburg University strives to preserve and enhance Broad Prosperity; towards a society that leaves no one behind and that is sustainable for generations to come. A society where every inhabitant can reach their full potential

The concept goes beyond the traditional goals of academia to include ethical considerations, social responsibility, and active engagement with society.

Tilburg Law School plays an important role in this vision of broad prosperity by instilling these values in its students and conducting research that has real-world impact and contributes to the well-being and progress of society at large.

Stronger Together

Within this strive for broad prosperity, the Law School’s motto is Stronger Together.

As contemporary legal issues are complex and multifaceted, and don’t stop at borders, the school believes that these issues require team science, multi-disciplinarity and a global view.

Staff is therefore multinational and collaborates with scholars and societal partners from many countries and disciplines, such as economics, sociology, technology, and political science.

Education at Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School is a prizewinning front-runner in curricular innovation, which ensures attractive, high-quality, blended and hybrid education. This involves the use of cutting-edge teaching methods, including online education, gamification and interactive classrooms.

The School offers 6 bachelor’s, 9 master’s, and various Ph.D. programs.

Several programs with an international or global perspective are taught in English. Three Master programs can be taken fully online.

The school aims to educate students to be lawyers who are able to think critically and creatively and have a strong personality.

Moreover to be lawyers who are committed to using their legal skills through ethical decision-making and a sense of social responsibility.

Research at Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School has a vibrant research tradition. Complex and contemporary issues are at the forefront of its Signature Plans, four thematically organized research programs:

· Regulating Socio-Technical Change | How can we regulate the socio-technical changes coming with the rapid evolution of technology?

· Connecting Organizations | How does the law help, or limit, the interaction between private actors and technology driven economic activities in the pursuit of a sustainable society?

· Global Law and Governance | How can we shape a “new” law and governance in a sustainable way, now the state is no longer the sole starting point for law and governance?

· Law and Security | How can we handle activities that seriously undermine the integrity of the social and economic fabric, democratic values, and our environment?

Tilburg Law School actively stimulates team science to generate cutting-edge knowledge that advances society and broad prosperity.

An inspiring campus and city

The Tilburg campus is known for its beautiful green spaces and modern facilities, all close to each other. It offers students and scholars an inspiring environment for their academic pursuits and for social interaction.

The campus is nearby the inspiring and cozy city of Tilburg, known for its international atmosphere, its many cultural and sportive events, its proximity to major international airports and its affordable cost of living.


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