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Seoul National University

Seoul National University School of Law , also known as SNU Law, is honored to be a member of the Law Schools Global League !


SNU Law, with its long and rich tradition, has enliven the contemporary history of Korea, sharing the nation’s ups and downs, the glory and the shadow. Since its foundation in 1895, SNU Law has led the advancement of legal scholarship and education in Korea and the development of Korean society at large, producing excellent scholarship and educating some of the best jurists in the country. Our graduates have played a crucial role in the spectacular growth and development of today’s Korea.

Our goal is training lawyers with social responsibility and with international competitiveness.

Justice Bell of SNU Law. “LET JUSTICE BE DONE, THOUGH THE HEAVEN SHOULD FALL” is written below the bell. This word encourages the law students of SNU to learn the worth of justice and write indelibly on their hearts.>

Field of Study – Institutes and Centers

To cultivate future creative scholars meeting the specialized social demand and foster legal leaders for the globalization of law, SNU Law operates two institutes. The first is the SNU Law Research Institute, focused on researching significant legal issues and promoting cooperation and coordination among research institutes in and outside of Korea. The second is the 서울대학교 (Seoul National University) Asia-Pacific Law Institute, dedicated to promoting comparative analysis of various legal regimes in the Asia-Pacific region and developing opportunities for constructive dialogues among academia, businesses, and governments.

Within the SNU Law institute, there are 12 centers specializing in Financial Law, Law & Technology, Public Utilities, Public Interest & Human Rights, International Economic & Business Law, Competition Law, Energy & Environmental Law, Constitution & Unification Law, Construction & Urban Development Law, Labor & Welfare Law, Law & Economic Studies, and Study for Legal Theory. Professors, young scholars, lawyers, and law school students are diligently working to contribute to legal and social progress in Korea and on the international stage.

Global goals

In today’s global economy, law and legal scholarship often transcend national boundaries. The mandate and mission of SNU Law is to train and educate future scholars and legal professionals who will play an active role on the global stage. Accordingly, SNU Law welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and recognizes that international students provide diverse perspectives and contribute to a dynamic learning atmosphere.

SNU Law offers Graduate course (M.D., Ph.D.) and Law School course(J.D., S.J.D.). Students from overseas can apply for Graduate course, or exchange program. About one in ten students on SNU campus come from overseas to pursue degree or study for short period. Welcoming diversity on campus, SNU is teaching 10~20% of courses in English, as well as running exceptionally organized Korean language training programs.

For faculties, SNU Law offers Visiting Scholar program and (Senior) Visiting Researcher Program.

SNU Law has entered into many exchange programmes, research partnerships with universities and institutions all over the world and eagerly collaborates globally.

We look forward to welcoming you to SNU Law!

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