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Strathmore University

Since its inception in 2012, Strathmore Law School (SLS)has grown to be one of East Africa’s leading law schools, renowned for its excellence in legal education and research. Through an exciting combination of both local and foreign legal experts and a supportive learning environment, SLS continues to equip learners with the necessary professional and interpersonal skills needed to transform our society.

The SLS Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programmeis aimed at nurturing critical thinkers who are able to grasp a better understanding of justice. Over the course of the 4-year duration, learners are exposed not only to the core practice subjects but also to courses on ethics and humanities with the aim of achieving holistic academic and personal growth.

The Master of Laws at Strathmore Law School is an 18-month programme designed for experienced lawyers and legal practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge and expertise without disrupting their work life. To achieve this, the programme is delivered over the course of four 2-week modules every quarter throughout the first 12 months of the programme.

Students may choose to specialize in one of the following thematic areas of law, namely: International Financial Law & Regulation, Intellectual Property Law, International Criminal Justice and International Energy Law & Policy. Please visit our home page for more information on the specializations and how to apply.

Following SLS’ 10th year anniversary, the Doctor of Laws (LLD) programme was launched in keeping with our mission of enhancing legal research and dissemination, providing quality education and community service to the region. To enhance the quality of their research, learners across all levels are supported further through the following SLS-affiliated research centres.