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FGV Direito SP

FGV DIREITO SP is the Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, and one of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) founders, alongside Tilburg University.

Created to train professionals capable of facing the current and future challenges of Law in an increasingly globalized and changing world, FGV DIREITO SP has Bachelor Degree programs in Law, Double Degree in Law and Business, and in Law and Economics, post-Graduate lato sensu in several areas, Professional Master’s Degree in Law and Entrepreneurship; and Academic Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree in Law and Development.

In addition to teaching programs, FGV DIREITO SP has several research groups that dialogue with different areas of Law.

In 2012, FGV DIREITO SP embarked on the pioneering project of LSGL, aware that the internationalization of Law demanded a joint confrontation by global teaching and research institutions aligned with their purpose of renewing legal thinking from innovative practices in teaching, such as the use of participatory methods, and in Research, with the production of empirical and interdisciplinary studies.

Located in the Bela Vista neighborhood, close to the center of São Paulo and the iconic Avenida Paulista, FGV DIREITO SP maintains more than 40 agreements with foreign institutions from different continents that allow the exchange of students and professor, and the participation of joint research, resulting in solid partnerships that discuss global agendas and build collective actions.

For foreign students, FGV DIREITO SP maintains the Global Law Program, bimonthly and short term courses taught in English by professors from the FGV and foreign professor from partner Universities.