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IE Law School

Located in Madrid and Segovia, hashtagSpain, IE Law School’s history begins in 1973, with a vision of outstanding academic standards, an entrepreneurial focus and core values of innovation, diversity and the humanities.

We are internationally minded and impactful and set a global standard of vigorous, contemporary legal education and experience. Through our unique comparative approach to law and the impact of its research, we prepare our students to practice excellence in the field and play a significant role in society’s pursuit of Justice and the Rule of Law.

IE Law School commitment to its values, and to its students, has kept us at the forefront of higher education and research and brought about the rise of the state-of-the-art vertical, technological and sustainable IE Tower in the heart of Madrid. The IE University campus in the city of Segovia welcomes students from over 80 countries in a global university setting, with an atmosphere that is both academic and lively.

Our faculty members, from many different countries as our student body, have been educated in worldwide recognized universities and exemplify the best expertise in their respective fields. Their research aims to have an endurable impact in the development of all the disciplines related to Law and the legal practice itself and is also significant for institutions, legal services and companies, and that feed our robust teaching.

At IE Law School, every program was carefully created to deliver top-notch, innovative, globally oriented, and multidisciplinary legal education. We offer two Bachelor’s Degrees (Bachelor of laws (LL.B.); and Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics (PPLE)); three Dual Degrees (Dual Degree in Laws + International Relations; Dual Degree in Laws + Business Administration; and Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics + Data & Business Analytics); five Master’s Degrees (Master of Laws (LL.M.); Executive LL.M.; Master in International Legal Studies (LL.M.); Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas; y Máster Ejecutivo en Asesoría Jurídica de los Negocios); three Master’s Dual Degrees (International MBA + Master of Laws (LL.M.); Master in Management + Master of Laws (LL.M.); and Master in International Relations + Master of Laws (LL.M.)); and three Double Masters in Lawyering (Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas (LL.M.); Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.); and Doble Máster en Abogacía y Asesoría en Derecho Digital y de la Tecnología).  Moreover, the Advanced Legal Programs at IE Law School offer a wide range of cutting-edge educational options in the field of law and legal practice.

Whether you graduated a year ago or thirty years ago, you will be part of a one-of-a-kind and ever-growing alumni community comprised of alumni professionals of all ages, backgrounds, and disciplines.

We are honored to be a member of the Law Schools Global League. As a law school, we have the opportunity and responsibility to train jurists and citizens who contribute to Justice and the Rule of Law, and the Law Schools Global League is a fantastic platform to promote these values internationally.

We look forward to welcoming you to IE Law School.