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EBS Universität

Welcome to EBS Universität – Shaping the Future of Legal Education at EBS Law School

EBS Law School in Wiesbaden, Germany, is renowned for providing an innovative and highly regarded legal education that prepares students not just for exams, but for leadership roles in an increasingly complex world. Recognised for its progressive curriculum and dynamic teaching methods, EBS Law School offers a transformative experience that combines rigorous academic standards with practical, real-world applications.

Innovative Study Programmes

EBS Law School has revolutionised legal studies in Germany with a new didactic concept, collaborating closely with renowned national and international law firm partners since its foundation. These partnerships help to define the skills required by young professionals, guiding the development of academic programmes that meet industry needs.

The curriculum consistently integrates legal studies with business management topics, recognising the importance of this combination in advancing legal careers in the business world. In this way, EBS Law School equips its graduates with the necessary skills to excel and offers them the best career prospects in a competitive global market.

The Bachelor of Law, Politics, and Economics programme, launched in the winter semester of 2023/24 is a testament to this forward-looking approach. This English-language programme combines the disciplines of law, politics, and economics to tackle global challenges such as climate change and digitalisation, preparing graduates to develop holistic solutions and take on leadership roles.

A Distinctive Global Position

EBS Universität is the only German member of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL). As one of the founding members of the LSGL, established on 21 June 2012, EBS is part of a select group of leading law schools worldwide committed to advancing global legal education through collaboration and innovation.

Global Perspectives and Practical Experience

True to the EBS commitment to international education, EBS students spend a semester abroad at one of its 90 partner universities worldwide. This integral part of the curriculum enhances students’ understanding of different legal systems and cultures, enriching their legal expertise and comparative law skills.

Practical relevance is at the heart of the teaching philosophy, known as Challenged-Based-Learning. Through a close network in the business world, real projects are developed with corporate partners, which our students then work on. Professors change from lecturers to mentors who accompany group work and provide assistance at the right moment. In this way, students consolidate their knowledge. EBS Law School ensures that every student benefits from individual coaching, practical training, and personal development courses, setting the stage for confident, well-rounded legal professionals who are ready to interact with global business leaders.

EBS Law School is consistently ranked at the top of its field, and its graduates consistently win the highest honours in the state of Hesse.

A New Era at Campus Rheingau

In line with the ethos of continuous improvement and adaptation, EBS is excited to announce the upcoming relocation of the law faculty to the newly renovated Campus Rheingau. What has always belonged together in terms of content (law and business) is now growing together in terms of space. Set to be completed by 2025, this move marks a significant enhancement in the infrastructure:

Modern Learning Environments: Interactive lecture rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, flexible workspaces, and a variety of learning zones cater to every student’s needs, from quiet study to collaborative projects.

Vibrant Campus Life: The redesigned park with vineyards and seating areas celebrates the Rheingau region’s charm, alongside new structures like the orangery for sports and socializing, ensuring a balanced, enriching student life.

Historic Meets Contemporary: The main castle building and annexes are undergoing extensive modernization, promising a future-ready educational setting that embodies the ‘EBSpirit’ in every corner.