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Harry Radzyner Law School

The Harry Radzyner Law School at Reichman University in hashtagIsrael is enjoying a time of unprecedented growth and progress, as we face the many challenges of legal academia in research, education, and social involvement. We offer our students a rich selection of degree programs, built on academic innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Exciting news from the M.A. in Law, Technology, and Business Innovation Program! 🎓We’re entering our fifth year with over 200 students and it is expected that an English truck will be opened soon. Our multidisciplinary program explores the intersection of law, science, technology, and business. Three of our graduates have been accepted into the University’s Ph.D. program, 20 students are pursuing thesis tracks and one student was admitted to Google.

Rubinstein Center:

🏛️Introducing the RCCC – Rubinstein Center for Constitutional Challenges!

Reichman University proudly establishes the world’s first Center for Constitutional Challenges, generously supported by Professor Amnon Rubinstein, a pioneer in Israeli constitutional law.

Operating at the intersection of academia and policy, the RCCC will delve into pressing questions: What constitutes a constitutional challenge? When does a political issue become a constitutional concern? We aim to shape the next generation of constitutional leaders through academic research, policy work, and professional training.

💡 Led by renowned scholars Dr. Avigdor (Dori) Klagsbald, Prof. Liav Orgad, and Prof. Yaniv Roznai, the RCCC is located within Reichman University’s esteemed Harry Radzyner Law School and Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy.

Stay tuned for updates on these thought-provoking gatherings that promise to shed light on the critical constitutional challenges of our time!

First Doctoral Dissertation Defense – Musical Authorship in the Digital and Algorithmic Age

The Harry Radzyner Law School at Reichman University proudly celebrated a historic moment – the first doctoral dissertation defense. Attorney Eyal Brook presented his groundbreaking research on “Musical Authorship in the Digital and Algorithmic Age,” under the guidance of Prof. Lior Zemer, the esteemed Dean of the Law School.

📚 Eyal’s thesis explored the discrepancy between existing copyright law and the transformative musical practices enabled by modern technologies. By demonstrating how new creative processes and products challenge traditional notions of invention, his research shed light on the need for legal adaptations.

💡 The event was filled with captivating moments, including live musical demonstrations, ranging from classical works by J.S. Bach to collaborations with leading digital sound artists and DJs. The culmination featured an awe-inspiring showcase of a song generated by Artificial Intelligence and presented by avatars.

The international examining committee, comprising distinguished legal scholars, posed thought-provoking questions that Eyal skillfully defended. Their unanimous praise and an “excellent” grade resulted in Eyal being awarded the University’s first doctorate, marking a tremendous honor for him and the institution.

Congratulations to Dr. Eyal Brook for this extraordinary accomplishment and for paving the way for future doctoral endeavors at the Harry Radzyner Law School, Reichman University!