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2nd Summer School Istanbul 2014


Law Schools Global League (LSGL) introduces this year its 2nd LSGL Summer School at Koç University Law School (, in Istanbul, 7-18 July 2014.

2nd LSGL Summer School in Istanbul aims at providing an enabling environment for students reflecting diversity of legal systems to pursue an enriching academic experience as regards vivid and transnational issues of global legal enterprise. Realizing the innovative legal studies approach of LSGL based on sincere and cutting-edge research as well as learning and teaching, 2nd LSGL Summer School offers a two weeks/48 hours curriculum motivating new thinking of law, policy and global exercise of legal profession. This year’s curriculum covers multifaceted aspects of international, regional and local disputes as to advocacy of rule of law, controversial aspects of transnational contracts and emerging legal and political architecture of digital democracy. Through face-to-face engagement of students and creative collaboration of renowned scholars and professionals supported by guest speakers, LSGL Summer School will be a high quality intellectual hub of promising future legal leaders meeting with excellence in scholarship and profession. LSGL’s hub of summer schools gives the opportunity to be a part in the network of innovative legal experts seizing the knowledge and ability of transboundary critical thinking. LSGL invites the best profile of students to deepen their insights and to broaden their perspectives both academically and socially in Istanbul.



1. International Contracts in the XXI Century: Controversial Issues

Wanderley Fernandes – Direito GV

Francisco de Elizalde – IE


2. Rule of Law in a Global Context

Başak Çalı – Koç Law School

Yiğit Sayın – Koç Law School

Sanem Özdural – Koç Law School


3. Digital Democracy

Colette Cuijpers – Tilburg Law School

Monica Guise Rosina – Direito GV