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Global Fellowship Program

Application Deadline: September 14th, 2018

Fundação Getulio Vargas São Paulo Law School (FGV DIREITO SP) is pleased to announce the selection process of the research grants program for PhD Students and Post–PhD in Law. The Global Fellowship Program aims to attract young academic talents interested in advancing their scholarship in Brazil. These young professional talents will have the opportunity to develop their academic research and to contribute to FGV DIREITO SP internationalization process. The program offers economic and intellectual resources to support insightful and promising young legal scholars from all over the world willing to do research in Brazil.


Applicants may be of any nationality, including Brazilian, and must have completed (or be about to complete) a Doctoral Program in Law or in another correlated area. Although desired, knowledge of Portuguese is not required.


i. Curriculum Vitae and/or CV Lattes

ii. Recommendation Letter

iii. Research proposal and/or thesis summary – up to 5000 characters

iv. Proposed activities at FGV DIREITO SP (item 3)

v. Period of the visit (first or second Semester)

Please send the documents listed above to (Reference: Global Fellowship– Candidate’s name) Deadline: September 14th, 2018

3. Scope of research and activities at FGV Direito SP

Candidates should prepare the research proposal and the specific activities to be undertaken at FGV Direito SP considering the following possibilities: a) original research on a topic in Brazilian law. b) comparison of Brazilian developments with those in another country, done in collaboration with FGV scholars or in accordance with the FGV research agenda. c) a research project unrelated to Brazil but of interest to scholars in Brazil


Candidates approved in the selection process can start its activities in February or August 2019, depending on the period for which he/she has been selected. The applicant must submit, on time pre-established, to FGV DIREITO SP’s International Affairs Coordinator, all documents required for his/her hiring. The foreign candidates shall be responsible for obtaining visas and permits required for residency in Brazil. Approved candidates in the selection process will have to stay at FGV DIREITO SP, and cannot be absent during the fellowship period without the consent of Program’s Coordinator.


Six months’ scholarship for PhD Students: R$ 36.000,00, paid in 6 (six) installments of R$ 6.000,00. Six months’ scholarship for Post-PhD: R$ 45.000,00, paid in 6 (six) installments of R$ 7.500,00.


Period 1 – February to June 2019 Period 2 – August to December 2019 The applicants must specify the period of their choice. The scholarship duration may be exceptionally extended for additional six months if there is mutual interest of the FGV Direito SP and the fellow.


Fellows are expected to advance their scholarship, engage in the intellectual life of FGV DIREITO SP, and develop their professorial skills, by joining our Legal Education Center, and participate in direct class activities, supervised by senior members of the faculty. Fellows will also be welcome to participate in researcher’s groups at FGV DIREITO SP, and to conduct seminars, in English, to FGV DIREITO SP students.