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Business and Law

About Business and Law Research Group

The LSGL Business and Law Group is a working group that provides research opportunities in many areas of private law such as the law of obligations, international trade law, competition law and international private law. Our group has members that have knowledge of various different jurisdictions, which allows the group to deliver truly global work. Since its formation, the working group has been able to do research on a variety of topics including foreign direct investment, investment and development, regulation and investment in the energy sector. Our Law and Business Group chooses one research question every year to be presented at the annual academic meeting of the League. Our research topics try to combine different areas of law adopting a comparative approach. Furthermore our group has always displayed an interdisciplinary approach thanks to our members’ expertise in different fields. Law and Business group aims to produce co-authored research papers that to improve our members research capacity emphasizing the relevance and importance of global and comparative research in legal studies.