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International Trade & Investment Law Research Group Summary

LSGL International Trade & Investment Law Research Group is for academics engaged in international trade and investment law from the LSGL member schools. It seeks to promote collaboration and debate among IEL scholars from different regions, and encourage collaborative research and teaching initiatives. In particular, current priorities of the group are:

  • to find research collaboration opportunities
  • engage in collaborative teaching
  • reach out to new members based at LSGL schools to expand this network


  • ITAM at Koc University, January 2021 Course title: World Trade Law: Sustainability amidst Pandemic Prof. Amrita Bahri, ITAM taught this course to a batch of 25+ LLM students at Koc in Jan 2021
  • Joint Teaching at the 8th LSGL Summer School, July 2020 Course title: Trade and Investment in Times of Disruption Prof. Michelle Ratton Sanchez-Badin, FGV/SP University Prof. Amrita Bahri, ITAM
  • ITAM at Stockholm University, July 2020 LLM Courses taught by ITAM faculty at SU: World Trade Law, Dispute Settlement and Sustainable Development (Dr. Amrita Bahri, ITAM) Public Health and Legal Governance (Dr. Sofia Charvel, ITAM)
  • ITAM at CUPL, July 2019 Course title: World Trade Law: Concepts and Practice Prof. Amrita Bahri, ITAM taught this course to a batch of 40+ LLM students at CUPL campus in July 2019

LSGL online academic conference on The 3R Initiative: Re Thinking, Re-packaging and Rescuing World Trade Law, in July 2020, with the key note speaker Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, Director of Studies of the World Trade Institute and Professor of International Economic Law, University of Bern, Switzerland

Key Note Speech LSGL2020 Conference

Panel 1 LSGL2020 Conference

Panel 2 LSGL2020 Conference

Panel 3 LSGL2020 Conference

Book Launch at UNSW, Feb 2020: Johanna Jacobsson, Preferential Services Liberalization: The Case of the European Union and Federal States, Cambridge University Press (December 2019)

Call for new members:

  • If you are a faculty member from one of the LSGL member schools, and
  • If your area of research is related to international trade and investment, and
  • and you would like to explore collaborations with other trade and investment scholars….

…you are welcome to join our group! Feel free to email Dr. Amrita Bahri ( with an expression of interest to join.